Arcadia Quest Portals (with optional blue and red token)

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Arcadia Quest is a game for 2 - 4 players. You control a guild of three unique heroes. You compete against monsters and other guilds. During this adventure, heroes can use a portal to teleport from one side of the game board to the other very quickly during their movement. A hero standing in a space containing a portal can spend a movement point to immediate take her hero and place it any other space containing a portal of the same color.

These tokens purpose is to add a more 3-dimensional feel to the gameplay. It also adds a more thematic feel to the game. The portal token covers are 3d printed in PLA red and blue You can see in the photos how they replace the original cardboard token. You can also use the original portal tokens with the portals. However, because the original portal token has two different colors (red on one side and blue on the other), it might get confusing which portal is which. No worries. I have printed a replacement insert token that is the same color on both sides.

You can order the portals with or without the portal tokens. If you order them with, you will get a blue and red token with each portal.

In addition, I have provided for an optional 3rd token (Green) for the healing portal for the expansion.

Note: This portal may not fit the green cardboard portal token. It has not been tested.

Our Philosophy: 
- Improve the gaming experience
- Increased component quality (by getting rid of the cardboard)
- Enhance the theme
- Keep it as affordable as possible

A note on quality: 
We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality components possible. However, these are 3D Printed components. Sometimes they have minor blemishes that cannot be avoided. We never ship something we ourselves wouldn't want to use when playing games.


Only the tokens are provided. No other components are included in this order. 

This unofficial third-party accessory is provided by BGHQ. All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with BGHQ.

Attribution: thingiverse thing:2350312

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