Gloomhaven Monster Bases (pkg 4)

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These carefully crafted dials will show exactly how much damage has been done to each enemy without having to refer to the monster stat cards. It will also hold up to two status tokens. They will help you manage your campaigns more quickly by keeping the information visible right where the enemy sits in the gameplay area. No more needing to look at the number on the standee and then referring to the stat card to see how many hit points are left.

Each standee base is color-coded to be able to identify regular vs elite enemies.

The snap-on base will allow you to pick up the enemy without the base falling apart. In addition, the enemy standees slide in loose enough to not damage them but tight enough you can pick up the base by lifting it by the standee.

Our Philosophy: 
- Improve the gaming experience
- Increased component quality (by getting rid of the cardboard)
- Enhance the theme
- Keep it as affordable as possible

A note on quality: 
We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality components possible. However, these are 3D Printed components. Sometimes they have minor blemishes that cannot be avoided. We never ship something we ourselves wouldn't want to use when playing games.


Only the tokens are provided. No other components are included in this order. 

This unofficial third-party accessory is provided by BGHQ. All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with BGHQ.

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