X-Wing Miniatures Mobile Firing Arc Indicator Token (set of 3)

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Ships like the Shadow Caster have a mobile firing arc that will occupy one of the 4 firing arc quadrants indicated by the solid lines on the ships token. The quadrant that the mobile firing arc currently occupies is indicated by the facing of the pointer. Now, instead of using the cardboard token, you can use these plastic tokens.

They are produced using PLA Plastic for durability.

Our Philosophy: 
- Improve the gaming experience
- Increased component quality (by getting rid of the cardboard)
- Enhance the theme
- Keep it as affordable as possible

A note on quality: 
We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality components possible. However, these are 3D Printed components. Sometimes they have minor blemishes that cannot be avoided. We never ship something we ourselves wouldn't want to use when playing games.


Only the tokens are provided. No other components are included in this order. 

This unofficial third-party accessory is provided by BGHQ. All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with BGHQ.

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