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Western Legend is a sandbox board game that lets you play as the right arm of the law or the wrong side of the law. You can be a sheriff, a cattle rustler, a gambler, or even a gold miner. It's entirely up to you. These terrain pieces are NOT required for play. But they sure enhance the theme. Instead of moving to a picture on a board that says saloon, you can put your mini figure on top of the saloon. None of the buildings or mesas are to scale. They are intended only to add to the theme of the game and make the game board more three-dimensional.

With the change made in Ante-up, there is now a Trading Post represented by the barrel icon and the General Store has been changed to a horseshoe icon.

Please note: With the latest updates from Kolossal Games, we will be printing the two stores in the base game with a Horseshoe Icon on top and the store in Ante Up with the barrel. If you prefer to have the old barrel icon on both, please indicate in the customization. Older copies of these were printed and shipped with the barrel icons. If you are playing the base game, the General Store can use the barrel icons on the game board. As such, if you order the All In, I include an extra barrel icon store so you can play the base game with no included expansions using the same set of buildings.

I also offer two styles of ranch buildings. A set that holds tokens and a set that does not. The token holders attached to the ranches are intended for the larger 26.5mm cardboard tokens that come with the Ante-Up expansion, not the small tokens that come in the base game. You will need to select the style of ranches you want by selecting the Token or No Token options in the drop-down when making your selection.

If you have any questions about what to order, please contact me.

Here are the various package descriptions.

Board Mesas Only (set of 4):
- Mesas (set of 4) for the center of the board

Mat Mesa's Only:
- Mesas (set of 4) designed to fit the playmat

Base Game Buildings Only (set of 20):
3 - Gold Mines
2 - Bandit A camps
2 - Bandit B Camps
2 - Bandit C Camps
2 - Ranches (for cattle rustlin')
2 - General Stores (w/ barrel Icon)
2 - Saloons
1 - Hospital
1 - Theater
1 - Sherrif
1 - Train Station
1 - Bank

All In Buildings Only (set of 27): (Indicate Tokens or No Tokens)
3 - Ranches (for cattle rustlin')
3 - Gold Mines
3 - Saloons
2 - Sherrif
2 - Train Station
2 - General Stores (w/ Horseshoe Icon)
2- Store (w/ Barrel Icon)
2 - Bandit A camps
2 - Bandit B Camps
2 - Bandit C Camps
1 - Bandit O Camp
1 - Bank
1 - Hospital
1 - Theater

Base Game Complete (set of 24):
- Board Mesas (set of 4)
- Base game buildings (set of 20)

All In Board (set of 31): (Indicate Tokens or No Tokens)
- Board Mesas (set of 4)
- All In Buildings (set of 27)

All In Mat (set of 31): (Indicate Tokens or No Tokens)
- Mat Mesas (set of 4)
- All In Buildings (set of 27)

Please note that this listing is for terrain pieces only. It does not include the game or the mini figures shown in the photos. These are not official game pieces of Kolossal Games.

Our Philosophy: 

- Improve the gaming experience

- Increased component quality (by getting rid of the cardboard)

- Enhance the theme

- Keep it as affordable as possible

A note on quality: 

We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality components possible. However, these are 3D Printed components. Sometimes they have minor blemishes that cannot be avoided. We never ship something we ourselves wouldn't want to use when playing games.

Only the items listed in the description are provided. No other components are included in this order. Due to the inconsistency of filament manufacturing, actual colors may vary.

BGHQ provides this unofficial third-party accessory. All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are not associated or affiliated with BGHQ.

These pieces have been licensed by modeler extraordinaire, Frank Strauss and listed with permission.

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