XX-9 Turbolaser Turret for X-Wing Miniatures (w/optional platform)

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You love those print-n-cut-out paper turrets for running the trench of your X-Wing Miniatures game, right? You would much rather have those paper turrets that tip over or blow around when someone opens the door to your gaming den.

Well if that's not what you like, then we've got what you need! Enhance your X-Wing miniatures game with the XX-9 Turbolaser Turret. The guns are moveable and the head rotates. When destroyed, the top comes off and leaves the destroyed base as an obstacle to fly around showing where a turret once stood.

Each turret is approximately 41mm (1.6 inches) tall. They are 3-d printed out of Silver (Steel Grey) PLA plastic.

The platform is an add-on option. It does not come with the basic turret unless added to the order. Please see the drop down to order the platforms in addition to the turret. The platform will increase the height of the turret to 54.5mm (2.14 inches) tall. The base is 36mm x 36mm (1.41in x 1.41in). The platform is 58mm x 58mm (2.25in x 2.25in)

Our Philosophy: 
- Improve the gaming experience
- Increased component quality (by getting rid of the cardboard)
- Enhance the theme
- Keep it as affordable as possible

A note on quality: 
We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality components possible. However, these are 3D Printed components. Sometimes they have minor blemishes that cannot be avoided. We never ship something we ourselves wouldn't want to use when playing games.


Only the tokens are provided. No other components are included in this order. 

This unofficial third-party accessory is provided by BGHQ. All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with BGHQ.

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